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Welcome to the #1 Source for the Style from your favourite Twilight Stars. Here you can steal the Orginal or Similar Style from Bella, Edward and Co. Learn here, how you can dress like them, get the right Make-up and Hair tips and make your friend jealous. Hope you enjoy!


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All Guides on this Website were created by, so please do not steal anything. The Pictures belong to their rightful owners. If a clothing link do not work anymore, please contact us. We are not someone from the Cast or anybody realted to them., 09.


Today it was quiet till 1pm. My Grandma calls and tell me that my "cousin" call her and she ask for 13.000€ - crazy!! She was so scared and her nerves playing piano for her XD Me and my cousin Stefan drive to her and wait for her till 3pm. Because my "cousin" tells her she will get the Money on this time. Shes in trouble and need it quick, but she can't grab the Money by herself, she sends a person. We call the Police, who came very quick. But then it came out that it was a fake call. Like you maybe see on tv. After it i drive to Bochum with my Cousin and a Friend. We're drinking coffee and talk :D
Now, i will finishing my book.
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