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Welcome to the #1 Source for the Style from your favourite Twilight Stars. Here you can steal the Orginal or Similar Style from Bella, Edward and Co. Learn here, how you can dress like them, get the right Make-up and Hair tips and make your friend jealous. Hope you enjoy!


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I'm still alive

Haha, School out after it really begin! I was the hole Morning at Home and Updated hayleystyle. Than i went shopping. But i've buyd nothing. Just one Blouse for my Mother as a Gift and a new Book. Than i was tested for my Contact Lenses and they immediatly order some test Lenses for me, i'm so curious! Now I'm sitting here writing this Text with Aluminum foil on my head, that the Conditioner can work. The effect of the film, including that it is warm. So the Conditioner work much better. I'm looking rediculous! Here is a Picture of it.

Isn't it Funny? Haha.

XOXO Laura.
23.2.10 18:07


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